Soma FM

I wish I could have music playing all the time.  That’s one of the reasons that I have a rather large MP3 library and I subscribe to Pandora radio.

I found a new (to me) site that I really like called Soma FM.  They’re a listener supported internet radio station (or collection of stations) without commercials or advertising of any kind.  They have 20 different channels that feature a variety of different genres or moods with a diversity of independent artists.

If you ever dabbled in the iTunes Radio Stations, you might have listened to one of their more popular channels called “Groove Salad“.  That was the first time I ever played any of their stuff and I just fell in love.  These days, I’m listening to “Lush” (chilled out mostly female voices) through my Clementine Audio Player (running on my Linux box)…I can’t find Lush on iTunes.

At any rate, they’re awesome.  They could certainly use your help this month as they’re running behind on their budget.  If you find yourself with a few spare coins, I’m sure they would appreciate you tossing them their way.  If you can scrape together enough coins, they’ll send you a nifty T-shirt or coffee mug.

I pitched in a few bucks and got my T-shirt last night.